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Sun Fire E25K

Boast-PDL on Sun Fire E25K

SGi Origin 2000, IBM SP2, Cray T3E and SGi IA64 Linux Cluster

Boast-PDL on other systems



The BOAST-PDL code is used to perform oil reservoir simulations in wells. The serial version was provided and parallelised by Dr S.Khashan from the Petroleum Development Laboratory, University of Alaska, Fairbanks with support from Parallel Software Products. The following results show the performance of the ParaWise generated parallel BOAST-PDL code.

Code information: 2200 lines of source and 15 subroutines

Total Parallelization Time using ParaWise : Approximately 1 hour.

User Time: Approximately 15 minutes.

The first set of results on the left show the performance of a ParaWise generated message passing code on a Sun Fire E25K machine using UltraSparc IV 1.05 GHz processors (RWTH Aachen University). The results shown are for a 1000x1000x1 test case. 

The second set of results shown are for a 500x500x1 test case. The same code was transported to the different parallel platforms, compiled and linked with CAPLib to create the parallel executable. Good speedup was shown on the SGi Origin 2000, and IBM SP2, a Cray T3E and a Linux cluster of Intel IA64 processors from SGi.