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Runtime on up to 32 Processors

Fld3di runtimes


The FDL3DI software is used to model the Navier-Stokes equations and is used to study aeroelastic effects. The serial version was developed by Dr. M.Visbal at the Computational Sciences Branch, Air Force Research Labs. The following results show the performance of the ParaWise generated parallel FDL3DI code on an SGI Origin 2000 (at SGI).

Code information: 9900 lines of source and 69 subroutines

Total Parallelization Time using ParaWise/CAPO : Approximately 2 hours.

User Time: Approximately 10 minutes.


The results shown on the left are for a 100x100x100 test case. The results show good scalabiity, performing well on 32 processors.

Summary of OpenMP directives inserted by CAPO

PARALLEL regions : 46

PARALLEL + DO regions : 43

Parallel DO loops : 194

ATOMIC/CRITICAL sections : 1

Regions with FIRSTPRIVATE: 3

Regions with LASTPRIVATE : 1

Duplicated routines : 3