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Speedup on up to 64 Processors

Nbody speedups


N-Body is a three-dimensional n-body model with constraints. It is used to solve problems arising in electromagnetic applications. The code is a research code from Rice University and was parallelised under an evaluation project with Dr. R.Luczak, ASC and Dr. D.O’Neal, NCSA.

Code information: 200 lines of source and 3 subroutines

Total Parallelization Time using ParaWise/CAPO : Approximately 5 minutes.

User Time: Approximately 2 minutes.

Results are for a 1000 points problem are shown to the left demonstrating that on 64 processors, the OpenMP code generated by ParaWise ran 44 times faster than the serial verison.

Summary of OpenMP directives inserted by CAPO

PARALLEL regions : 1

PARALLEL + DO regions : 2