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Speedup on up to 64 Processors

pfem speedups


he Parallel Finite Element Method (PFEM) code is a research-level finite element code suitable for solving nonlinear boundary value problems in two dimensions. The code is a research code from Carnegie Mellon University and was parallelised under an evaluation project with Dr. R.Luczak, ASC and Dr. D.O’Neal, NCSA.

Code information: 2100 lines of source and 16 subroutines

Total Parallelization Time using ParaWise/CAPO : Approximately 15 minutes.

User Time: Approximately 5 minutes.


The results on 64 processors of an SGi Origin show good scalability and a runtime over 40 times faster than the original serial code.

Summary of OpenMP directives inserted by CAPO

PARALLEL regions : 25

PARALLEL + DO regions : 4

Parallel DO loops : 64

REDUCTION loops : 1