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Runtime on up to 32 Processors



The following results show the performance of the ParaWise generated parallel RJET code on an SGI Origin 2000 (at SGI). The software is used to simulate vortex dynamics and breakdown in turbulent jets using a hybrid, high order compact finite difference scheme. The serial RJET code was developed by M.White at the Ohio Aerospace Institute (and was parallelised under an evaluation project with Dr. R.Luczak, ASC and Dr. D.O’Neal, NCSA).

Code information: 5900 lines of source and 39 subroutines

Total Parallelization Time using ParaWise/CAPO : Approximately 3 hours.

User Time: Approximately 20 minutes.

Results for a 500x500 node test case are shown on the left. They demonstrate good speedup and effective scalability 32 processors

Summary of OpenMP directives inserted by CAPO

PARALLEL regions : 9

PARALLEL + DO regions : 41

Parallel DO loops : 32

REDUCTION loops : 4

Regions with FIRSTPRIVATE: 1

Duplicated routines : 5