Parallel Software Products
ParaWise Automatic Parallelisation of C and Fortran

ParaWise Version 4.0

Download a free trial version of ParaWise-4.0 now for the Message Passing and OpenMP parallelization of Fortran code and now the OpenMP parallelization of C code.

ParaWise reads serial C and Fortran code and produces effective scalable and portable parallel code based on message passing or OpenMP or both

ParaWise Arrows

ParaWise has been developed for over 20 years to give you:
  • Sophisticated accurate dependence analysis determining data flow information throughout an application code
  • Expertise embedded in the algorithms that provide automatic OpenMP and message passing parallelization reducing the learning curve for the user
  • Effective parallel code produced in a fraction of the time required for a manual parallelization (often, a few minutes or hours)
  • Scalable parallel code that can effectively exploit many processors and threads
  • Parallel code portable to any parallel system that supports OpenMP and/or MPI
Improvement and tuning of the parallel code are achieved using an interactive environment in the context of the your application code. Answering simple questions about your code can assist ParaWise to produce effective and scalable parallel code.